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"This isn't candidates coming through where anyone that's interested will get straight on the platform. They have that high level of tech expertise that we're looking for and they're serious about that next move. That's really the difference for me."

Nick Brough

Nick Brough

Recruitment Lead @ AND Digital

"I focus on sourcing for full stack, frontend, mobile, backend, QA engineers, SDETs, and my number one go-to is Hired. I'm addicted to it."


Jonathan Kidder

Sr. Tech Recruiter and Author @ Amazon

I rarely get excited about anything in tech these days but this assessments tool is beyond what we have been looking for. Why did we not have this [in our toolbox] 10 years ago?

Simon Phillips

SVP of Digital Payments @ Mastercard

Technical Assessments Customer Success Story

How Mastercard and Axon Used Hired Assessments to Vet Top Candidates

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